AEMS is proud to publish the RED Book - Regional EMS Directory. This comprehensive manual contains information on EMS guidelines for the Central Region and State policies and procedures.

Terms of Use for RED Book

AEMS website provides a collection of online resources, including the Regional EMS Directory also known as the RED Book. The information found in the RED Book is the property of AEMS. AEMS grants you permission to download, print and copy such materials so long as each copy: (i) is solely for informational, non-commercial use and is not modified or revised in any manner; (ii) plainly displays all proprietary and disclaimer notices, in the same form and manner as on the original; and (iii) displays a statement that the materials are used solely with permission of AEMS. To seek permission for any other use, please contact AEMS.

These terms of use govern your use of the RED Book. By accessing the RED Book, you are indicating your acknowledgment, understanding and acceptance of these terms which includes the following disclaimer:


The AEMS Red Book is designed to be a resource document for use by Medical Direction Authorities responsible for the administrative, organizational and on-line medical direction of pre-hospital EMS personnel. It specifically recognized that variations from the guidelines contained within are not only acceptable, but also appropriate, depending on the individual circumstances of the involved areas and organizations.

By Statute and Rule, all advanced life support pre-hospital EMS personnel shall have administrative and online medical direction. These guidelines are not meant to act as a substitute, proxy or alternative to that medical direction. Any conflict between these guidelines and the individual EMS provider’s medical direction shall default to the Administrative or On-Line medical direction.

This manual sets forth guidelines deemed by AEMS to be within the acceptable standard of medical care. It is specifically recognized that there are acceptable variations from these procedures and protocols, which may also satisfy the standard of care. This manual does NOT define, limit, expand or otherwise purport to establish the legal standard of care.

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