A Learning Adventure for First Responders, Nurses, and Other Healthcare and Public Safety Professionals


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Coordinated by:

Arizona Emergency Medical Systems (AEMS)

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Arizona Emergency Nurses Association

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About the EMS Odyssey Conference

HISTORY: On June 14-15, 2001,  Arizona Emergency Medical Systems, Inc. (AEMS) sponsored the 1st Annual EMS Odyssey conference at The Buttes Resort in Tempe, Arizona.  We are pleased to report that this conference was a tremendous success, with 250 participants registered.

PURPOSE: The purpose of the EMS Odyssey conference is to provide all Emergency Medical Services (EMS) and other healthcare professionals with the opportunity to gain topical information, education, training, and skills.

COMMITMENT: AEMS continues to coordinate this conference with the volunteer help and support of various EMS professionals throughout the Central Arizona region. If you are interested in being part of the EMS Odyssey Conference Planning Committee, please call Peggy Baker at (623) 847-4100. Thank you!